Denial Strategies Pivot Amid Hospitals' Need for Cash: Study

Strategies around denials management are changing - is your hospital keeping pace? In this latest market study from Knowtion Health, we explore hospitals' and health systems' readiness to face continued reimbursement challenges during a time of growing cash need, and near-term changes most likely to impact your revenue cycle team. 

Race for Cash: Pivoting Your Denial Strategy for a New Era features insights on revenue recovery and cash management from surveys and interviews with 75+ hospital CFOs and revenue cycle leaders. You'll learn:

  • Where CFO and Revenue Cycle leaders are - and aren't aligned when it comes to goals around denials management and A/R aging
  • Which positions on hospital denials teams are likely to be the hardest to fill over the next three years
  • Technology priorities and industry plans for AI use in denials management

See how your denials strategies and A/R management plans compare with those of peers. Download your complimentary copy of the market study. Race For Cash: Pivoting Your Denial Strategy for a New Era.

Race for Cash Pivoting Your Denials Strategy for a New Era_KnowtionHealth_Cvr
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