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VA Claims Recovery

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Reduce aging A/R
Accelerate claims resolution
Patient satisfaction

We’ll help you navigate the maze of complex VA claims

If navigating the VA reimbursement process is impacting your A/R, your bottom line or your patient experience, we can help.

We triage and work accounts using our specialized technologies and teams to maximize recoveries and ensure compliance. 

If you have delays in getting reimbursed in a timely manner, have limited resources, or are experiencing challenges in processing these claims and denials quickly, Knowtion Health can help. We’ll reduce your aging A/R to improve and accelerate claims resolution and follow-up with the proper local, regional and national payer contacts.

Knowledge and Experience

We bring a diversified bench with unique strengths and credentials - industry, medical, and legal certifications. We hire teams who are specialized VA account claim recovery facilitators and attorneys who have worked with the Medicare system and Veterans Affairs.

With legislative changes (like the Veterans Choice Program) that impacts the traffic to non-VA providers, our team understands the timely filing deadlines, authorizations, notifications and compelling Notices of Disagreements needed to get denials overturned.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Serving on your behalf as a patient advocate in VA claims resolution and appeals is our specialty. We triage and work accounts using our specialized technologies and teams to maximize recoveries and ensure compliance.  

Our 15 years of experience in VA claim resolution, combined with our trained, 100% U.S.-based resources will help you solve for staffing shortages, stay compliant with complex claims and ensure your patient satisfaction with veterans remains stellar.

Protect Your Revenue

Even though VA claims typically account for 1% of revenue, the right approach can improve patient experience and protect your bottom line. There are specific time requirements for notifications, authorizations and appeals. Across the board, 61% of claim denials are due to errors in data and VA claims are no exception. With expert assistance from Knowtion Health, many authorization denials can be overturned.

Rely on our team to help you relieve veterans of burdensome financial liabilities and increase and accelerate your VA claims reimbursement.

What Makes Us Stand Out From the Rest

Extensive Experience Working VA Accounts

We have extensive experience working with Optum and TriWest Community Care Networks and the VA. As a claims facilitator we provide guidance and support and help patients submit appropriate paperwork. On some accounts we can appeal using medical documentation.


Results and Confidence

As a premier VA claims resolution expert, we help you reduce average payment time and overall aging of A/R and denial volume, all while increasing overall cash collections. Using Knowtion Health, gives you the confidence in knowing your VA claims will also remain compliant when regulations and processes change.