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The knowledge, expertise, technology and the heart to fight for what’s right.

The Claims Game

It’s unbelievably hard for you - and your patients - to win when the payers are making up all the rules.
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What makes Knowtion Health
stand out from the rest

At Knowtion Health we are driven to fight for what’s right. We arm you with experienced advocates, machine-learning automation and proven ROI to resolve denied and complex claims, recover low balance accounts and defend against payer audits.

As a U.S.-based team, solely focused on the hospital and health system revenue cycle, here are just a few of the things that make us truly unique in the industry and help you win at the claims game.

Patient Protectors

We’re genuinely committed to helping patients and we ensure they’re not caught in the middle of the complexity of the payer and provider denied claim dynamics.

In the Know

We pay attention to details, take a strategic approach, leverage AI enabled technology efficiencies and manage your accounts with a human touch.

Hometown Heroes

Our U.S.-based remote workforce means we hire the best experts across the country and have a local presence where we operate.

Street Cred

We hire experts - people from the payer side, nurses, attorneys and hospital revenue cycle - allowing the system to work with us, instead of against us.

Adding to the Bottom Line

We work labor-intensive accounts with AI enabled solutions efficiently to ensure they are resolved and can be added to your bottom line.

Breadth of Services

We bring greater value by offering extensive claim resolution services in COB and patient involvement denials, complex claims, clinical denials, low balance recoveries, VA claims recoveries and payer audit defense.


We go the extra mile engaging with patients at times convenient for them, including visiting their home.

The Personal Touch

We put everything we’ve got into helping you resolve more accounts, eliminating unnecessary write-offs, increasing revenue and providing an optimal patient experience.

Now You See It

Our process is agile. Specialized payer knowledge, proprietary workflows and AI enabled technology and compliant patient communications are just some of the many ways we bring faster resolution to your accounts.

Truth in the Numbers

Clients ask us to show them the money – and we do. We get results even when providers consider a denial, complex claim, low balance account or appeal unable to be resolved.

Learn more about Knowtion Health

If aging A/R is piling up, or claims are too complex to figure out or too small to chase down, we can help add expertise and tech-enabled services to boost to your bottom line. Learn why the largest, most respected hospital systems rely on Knowtion Health

Compliance & Certification

We are dedicated to threat prevention and our Service Organization Controls (SOC2) certification helps ensure protection of our clients’ data. We have compliant workflows, email, text and IVR capabilities. We also do regular monitoring of payer regulations and legal oversight to ensure the services we provide are up to date.