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In addition to our exceptional services, we pride ourselves on knowing the latest information pertinent to our revenue cycle expertise. We share these insights to keep you informed about the issues impacting claims denial management. Be in the know as soon as they are posted, subscribe to our resources.

Struggling with COB Denials? Why It’s Time to Revamp Your Approach

Given the challenges associated with correcting COB claims, it’s easy to see why you may be tempted to give up after a couple attempts to contact the patient. Take a more proactive strategy with these three steps.

Yale New Haven Health Resolves COB Denials to Improve Financial Performance and Patient Experience

Yale New Haven’s COB denials were negatively impacting cash collections and aging accounts receivable were jeopardizing an otherwise positive patient financial experience. Learn how they partnered to recover more and resolve their COB denials.

Integris Health Shines a Light on Denials to Accelerate Revenue

With a growing volume of COB and patient-involvement claims and payer challenges, Integris Health shines a light on denials to decrease the days in A/R, accelerate their revenue and provide a positive patient experience in the process.

Checklist for Preventing Your Top VA Claim Denials

VA claim denials typically account for 1 percent of denied revenue. The right approach can protect revenue. Leading organizations incorporate these 5 tips to prevent the main causes of VA claim denials.

Preventing Top Barriers to VA Claims Payment: Notifications and Authorizations

It can be challenging to stay current on changes and adjust how you pursue VA accounts. A key place to start is with these two common barriers to VA claims payment.

Why You Can’t Afford to Wait on Your COB Denials

When patients do not respond to COB denials, are you sending the denial to self-pay? If so, you’re often leaving substantial insurance money on the table as missed revenue. Learn key steps to improve your recovery rates and strengthen your bottom line.

Supercharge COB Denials with 4 Winning Strategies

The right process for appealing COB and patient involvement denials dramatically strengthens recovery rates and accelerates cash while improving the patient experience. Here are four approaches to consider in your strategy.

Improving the Patient Experience with a COB Strategy

Encourage staff to dig deeper and use these five practical tips to revamp your COB denials to recapture revenue.