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Meet ClaimBRAIN:
our AI enabled
technology platform

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Accelerated resolution
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A new frontier in insurance claim resolution has arrived

Knowtion Health's ClaimBRAIN AI enabled platform, utilized by our knowledgeable service team, can help you improve revenue recovery and increase A/R revenue lift while also achieving higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

To level the playing field against Payers, you need a partner who continually provides solutions that give you a distinct advantage, fueled by agility, modernization, innovation and results. By partnering with Knowtion Health, you can be part of the change that's tranforming revenue recovery and insurance claim resolution, using our expertise supported by our AI enabled platform. 

Insights / Guidance / Strategy

Our ClaimBRAIN AI enabled platform automation optimizes operational capacity by handling routine repetitive tasks and delivering revenue insights and resolution guidance that places our experts on the right claims at the right time for best efficiency and performance. 

In addition, by utilizing our experts and AI enabled technology across all our services, inventories are worked strategically for maximum recoverability compared to less effective methods by balance or age. Our process offers meaningful feedback including claim issues, payer trends and root cause issues for upstream RCM improvements and reduced future denials. 

Predictive Machine Learning

ClaimBRAIN acts as a centralized hub, blending and streamlining the multitude of steps to integrate automation and workflows that guide our experts in resolving claims. 

Within the hub, our proprietary Resolution Probability Score (RPS) prioritizes claims to accelerate revenue. Our sophisticated machine learning model has over one million connections between neurons within our artificial neural network, increasing accuracy and granularity. Through these rich data sets, AI-driven claim predictions produce enhanced revenue outcomes. 


Human Touch + Tech Efficiency

Combining human expertise alongside AI enabled technology resolves insurance claims at higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Our 100% U.S.-based trained RCM professionals, holding 28 accreditations, including Epic certification, represent a diversity of knowledge from eligibility expertise to utilization to legal, as well as prompt training for AI.

Our private cloud-based environment has unparalleled security, similar to the standards of the banking industry. Our data is centrally managed with tightly controlled access based on business use. Our AI enabled technology is closed source and contained with our technology infrastructure. 

Productivity / Better Outcomes

By embedding AI into ClaimBRAIN, we leverage real-time data and multiple AI techniques, including machine learning, optical character recognition, natural language processing and generative AI with dynamic prompting to enhance automation, boost productivity and secure revenue faster.

Transforming placement data into actionable insights guides our experts in prioritizing workflows. In addition, machine learning makes your data more powerful over time, expanding insights into claim trends and projecting future outcomes. 

What makes us stand out from the rest

Our expert team

Don't get caught up in the industry's talent crunch and training curve for technology and data claim resources. We've got trained specialists with a deep understanding of claim resolution. Our 100% U.S.-based, experts represent a diversity of knowledge from eligibility expertise to utilization to legal. Our team works on your behalf to handle the high volume or specialized inventory while you focus on the high-priority receivables.  

Our AI enabled technology

We employ modern technological capabilities like AI in order to optimize accounts using analytics, workflows and automation. This enables you to stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving healthcare and technology landscape. By leveraging the data-driven AI and its automation capabilities, we can maintain accuracy, efficiency, and compliance throughout the revenue cycle. 

Where cutting edge AI enabled technology intersects with claim experts
We're continually optimizing services, including expanding ClaimBRAIN with break-through functionality.

AI Appeal Assistant

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Provides everything at our fingertips to automate, organize, write, submit, track and enhance payer appeals. 

ClaimADVOCATE Patient Portal

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Our patient engagement portal allows convenient text and online communications with patients to resolve claims faster. 

Generative AI

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Helps build appeals with dynamic prompting that accelerates claims review and processing.