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COB & Patient
Involvement Denials

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Let us fight for your revenue cycle and your patients

If your COB and patient involvement denials are impacting your A/R, your bottom line or your patient experience, we can help.

We understand your pain. Patients aren’t always engaged and need an advocate to help them understand why their insurance company requires additional information from them. Payers are utilizing COB and other patient information reasons to downgrade, delay or deny payments. On top of all of that, if your team is short-staffed, it can lead to difficulty in resolving these denials due to other priorities and the time-intensive process of reaching patients. If you end up sending these accounts to self-pay, it may create a potentially negative patient experience.

Knowledge and Experience

We bring a diversified bench with unique strengths and credentials - industry, medical, and legal certifications. We hire people who’ve worked on the payer side of the business which gives us the inside track to insurance claim resolution and allows the system to work with us, instead of against us.

By using our experts, alongside ClaimBRAIN, our AI enabled technology, inventories are worked strategically and incorporate functionality like unidentified insurance discovery and skip tracing to allow us to resolve more accounts.

Increased Revenue & ROI

Your goal is always to generate the best ROI at the greatest efficiency. Knowtion Health has increased resolution for our clients by 35 to 45 percent over their current resolution rates.

In addition, you’ll save even more by reducing your bad debt write-offs, limiting your capital technology investments, avoiding the talent crunch and training curve for specialized resources, and improving the rates you pay for working these accounts at self-pay.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Fighting on your behalf as a patient advocate in claims resolution is our specialty. Using ClaimBRAIN, our AI enabled platform, we triage and use scoring methodology with accounts to allocate our resources and technologies according to our best practices. Three-way and after-hour calls, text, mail, email, our patient portal, and home visits are used to improve patient engagement and resolution while providing positive patient satisfaction.

Our 15 years of experience in health system denied claims resolution combined with our trained 100% onshore resources will help you solve staffing shortages and ensure your patient satisfaction scores are meeting expectations.

Improved A/R

Many third-party claims don’t get paid because they need your patient’s involvement. Not recovering or working COB and patient involvement denial accounts will increase the aging of your A/R.

Rely on the Knowtion Health team to get these claims paid so you can allocate employees working these accounts to more profitable work. We have a nimble implementation process to get up to speed quickly and we are equipped to work with any hospital-based billing system.

We’ll also identify payer trends, gaps, and denial root causes in your process so they can be corrected sooner to reduce future denials.

Faster Resolution of Accounts

We have a dedicated, skilled team who triages your account to identify problems, improve processes and resolve denials. In many instances, our experts can challenge payer requests and overturn denials without patient involvement.

Whether you need us to resolve claims from Day 1, Day 45 or Day 60, or resolve by a specific payer or CARC and RARC codes, we are flexible to where we fit in your workflow to resolve your claim denials faster. Our goal is to ensure resolution within 90 days of placement and our team averages 54 days.

What Makes Us Stand Out From the Rest

Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is an integral part of our solution as we work hand-in-hand with your patients to help them complete required payer documents. We work seamlessly to improve their patient financial experience through effective patient outreach. Not only do we reach out to patients through phone calls, letters, texts, patient portal, and emails, our teams will also perform in-person home visits when appropriate.


We employ modern technological capabilities like AI to optimize accounts using analytics, workflows and automation. These provide a unique blend of analytical insights, accelerated resolution and automated activity while delivering maximum revenue and efficiency.