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It’s hard to win when the payers make all the rules

In a world where the balance of power has favored the payers and the rules of determining coverage and the processing of claims has grown complex, someone had to find a way to give providers and patients more control over their destiny to get denied and complex claims resolved.

That’s why we’re here, in your corner. We’ve got the people, the expertise and the technology to resolve claims faster and continuously optimize your A/R.

Your patients don’t know how to wrangle their claims or coordinate benefits. Aging A/R is piling up and you need to get as much of it as possible. But most claims are either too complex to figure out or too small to chase down, even though there are enough of them to give a much-needed boost to your bottom line.

If you haven’t got the people, expertise or technology to keep up, how will you keep your revenue cycle from losing control?

Get control over your payer
challenges and level the playing field

Accelerate and
Maximize Netback

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Specializing in all third-party payer claim denials, low balance recovery, complex claims and audit defense, we deploy an experienced, tech-enabled team to accelerate and maximize netback for hospitals and health systems.

Enhance Patient
Experience and

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With honest and empathetic patient engagement, we're committed to fighting for what's fair and advocating for patients while ensuring providers get paid for the care they deliver. 

Provide Actionable
Feedback to
Reduce Denials

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Payer requirements frequently change and you need a team who will stay on top of the changes to optimize revenue. Our promise to every client is, “You've got this now.”

Compliance & Certification

We are dedicated to threat prevention and our Service Organization Controls (SOC2) certification helps ensure protection of our clients’ data. We have compliant workflows, email, text and IVR capabilities. We also do regular monitoring of payer regulations and legal oversight to ensure the services we provide are up to date.