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Our team leverage decades of diverse RCM market experience to build a multidimensional vision and strategy for Knowtion Health. The executives, other company leaders and employee's commitment, values and abilities build a strong and interactive culture that sets us apart from the competition and helps the hospitals and health systems we serve do the same. 

Executive Team

Jayson Yardley

Chief Executive Officer

Clay Callicoat

Chief Financial Officer

Del Davenport

Chief Information Officer

Janelle Doharty

Head of People and Culture

Satchel Kiefer

Chief Revenue Officer

Melisa Peterson

Vice President Product and Analytics

Tammy Swanson

Chief Operating Officer

Lane Baker

Chief Development Officer

Lorrie Wood

Client Services Executive Consultant

Client & Business Development Team

Cassie Walden

Sr. Vice President Client Services

Julie Walker

Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing

Richard Caruso

Regional Vice President

Cally Christensen

Regional Vice President

Catherine Feeley

Regional Vice President

Jorge Fernandez

Regional Vice President

Ramona Hernandez

Regional Vice President

Cathy Price

Regional Vice President

Christine Hanson-Ehlinger

Vice President Marketing

Sarah Loeffler

Vice President
Thought Leadership & Content