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Our customers’ success stems from understanding their uniqueness and vision and partnering to bring resolution, recovery or a defense strategy to life to maximize ROI and patient satisfaction.

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25 to 30 percent of the country’s total healthcare expenditures are related to inefficiencies associated with claims management

- American Medical Association (AMA)
Some of the largest, most respected hospital systems rely on Knowtion Health to solve claims management inefficiencies. This is why our promise to every client is "You've got this now."
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Eligibility issues sometimes require a personal touch––and knowing just the right questions to ask. Hear how Knowtion Health’s three-way call with a patient and payer resulted in significant revenue recovery for one hospital.

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At Knowtion Health, we believe in true partnership. Hear about the philosophy that serves as a foundation for the work we do on behalf of hospitals and health systems across the nation.

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Medical necessity denials? Knowtion Health’s clinical experts know just what to examine to build the case for a successful appeal. Learn about a recent success story here.

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Knowtion Health’s utilization review and case management teams are experts in recognizing the elements that go into building a persuasive medical necessity appeal--even sometimes when a hospital has not been successful in the past. Hear about one of these recent instances.

More than 6,700 hospital and healthcare organizations evaluated 400+ partners to determine the top-performing. Our ranking as No. 1 in revenue recovery and accounts receivable solutions and clinical appeals and denials management solutions is based on 18 indicators of customer satisfaction, operational excellence, client experience, and loyalty.

What patients say about us

“I am completely lost when it comes to dealing with large insurance groups on something like a denied claim. My representative did a wonderful job in helping me navigate this matter to a successful result.”
Indianapolis, IN patient
“Thank you so much for sitting down and explaining all of this to me. I get so many letters from my insurance and the hospital; it is hard to understand.”
Northwest Texas
home visit patient
“Thank you for working so hard to get my insurance issues resolved. You are very experienced, and it was very appreciated!”
Jefferson City, MO patient
“My rep contacted and walked me through the process to get the problem taken care of. Thank you.”
San Francisco, CA patient
“I am so glad my hospital is using a service like yours to handle this for me. I really thank you.”
Wellington, FL patient
“I had no idea why insurance needed me to call them when I didn’t have other insurance.”
Central NC home visit patient