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Learn key considerations for retaining a strong denials management team.

Jadene Elden with Southcoast Health Shares How To Keep a Strong Team

Your denials management efforts are only as good as the strength of your team. Hear where Southcoast focuses to ensure they have the right talent. 

How can you retain a strong denials management team? 

Jadene Elden:  “So, inside a revenue cycle, keeping a good team starts with the need to build a good team, and from there, keeping them engaged. We try to make sure that we listen to (our team), give them a voice, escalate their concerns, and play to their strong suits.

"We have a soup-to-nuts type of (revenue cycle) environment, where they're educated in claim edits with billing, follow-up, and managing denials. So with that, we provide a variety (of job opportunities) and a platform for them to escalate and define areas where we need to improve processes and (share ideas) to make the revenue cycle just a little bit smoother for their day-to-day job."