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Discover how Integris Health stays on top of COB and other eligibility denials.

Integris Health Success: Overcoming COB and Patient Involvement Denials


Picture this…you are not only the largest not-for-profit system in Oklahoma, but you have a mission statement that supports partnering with people for healthier lives, including their financial health.

The Challenge

But, you have a growing volume of COB and patient involvement claims that are tough to resolve, even with your commitment to educating and supporting your patients. The patients don’t understand why information is needed, so they don’t respond to your requests.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Knowtion Health. Using smart workflow technology to triage accounts, our team engages patients and payers to resolve needed information and get claims paid. We even visit some patients to help secure the documentation needed.

Life Is Even Better

Now you’ve got a partner to help you lower days in A/R, accelerate revenue, and provide a positive patient experience––regardless of payer challenges.