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Consider this approach to improve communication with your revenue cycle team.

Larry Blythe with UW Medicine Shares Staff Rounding Tips

Keeping skilled talent is integral to revenue cycle success. Consider this approach to checking-in on your team. 

What is a key strategy that's helping you with revenue cycle staff retention? 

Larry Blythe:  “We are working on improving our routine rounding with our staff, making it more personable and objective. Often, items asked during rounding are from a standard set of questions, so we're doing away with standard questions and making those more personalized and objective. Also, we’re focusing on some personal questions: ‘How are things with your family? How are things outside of work? Are you finding work-life balance?’ And then also using that time to speak to any operational challenges as well as any performance issues or concerns, so that you're creating a safe space for the employee to share. And during this time frame, you also are opening the door for performance conversations in a way that allows the employee to not be surprised during annual evaluations.”