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We help hospitals resolve denied and complex claims, recover low balance accounts and defend against payer audits.

Maximize and accelerate revenue knowing your patients and A/R are in good hands. You’ve got this now.

Tip the balance of power back in your favor

Knowtion Health is how hospitals get the resources to handle denials, problem and complex claims, and challenging payer classes. It’s about having clinicians, attorneys, local resources, and even robots all working together to help you level the playing field and win the claims game. You’ve got this now.

To win the claims game,
you need a partner who can bring:

More smarts

Get teams of experts who bring unparalleled experience and industry knowledge to resolve more claims.

More tech

Get sophisticated technology-enabled services to drive efficiency in account resolution.

More passion

Get a true advocate who fights harder for you and your patients, keeps you in the know and always does what’s right.

Find out why the largest, most respected health systems rely on Knowtion Health.

Entrust us to maximize and recover your denied claims revenue, improve patient experience and use our extensive domain expertise and technology-enabled services to drive efficiency and ROI.